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Thomas Arvid


Thomas Arvid continues to astonish both art and wine enthusiasts with his monumental compositions that capture the delicate beauty of wine and the evocative pleasure of its consumption. Achieving widespread success with his iconic portrayals of the wine experience, Arvid has become synonymous with the art of living graciously. Arvid conveys in vivid detail one of the most enjoyable aspects of life – getting together with friends to enjoy good conversation over the perfect bottle of wine.

A self-taught artist, Thomas Arvid has focused on the subject of wine for over 15 years. Arvid has been featured in USA Today, LA Times and named “one of 50 artists you should know” by US Art Magazine. His original and limited edition works reside in homes on every continent. Arvid has been commissioned by celebrities, wineries and sports stars worldwide.

Though a working artist and busy father of two, Arvid always finds time in the day to celebrate the everyday: “For me, it’s about finding the beauty in the moment, the shared experience surrounding a great bottle. Whether I’m cooking dinner with the family or sharing a glass of wine with my wife while the sun sets, I look for the simple pleasures that make any day an excuse to open a special bottle.”




Thomas Arvid on working with Dr. Revana:

“Dr. Revana and I have been friends and mutual collectors for years, both sharing a passion for wine, music and craftsmanship. When he approached me about doing the Sitar project, I thought it was brilliant: with up to twenty-three strings, the sitar is one of the most complex string instruments, requiring constant tuning to maintain its distinctive sound. Just like the precision needed to perfect Revana’s wines and the fine-tuning it takes to create one of my paintings, Sitar is a great metaphor for this five series vintage collaboration.”

To see more work by Thomas Arvid, please visit www.thomasarvid.com.

Sitar Pinot Noir is limited to 300 cases per year and allocated in wooden collector’s boxes which display Thomas Arvid’s original charcoal drawing. In order to secure your allocation of the Sitar Prelude as well as future offerings, join our allocation list.

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